Introducing Moving Walls – the modular, multifunctional system that connects the agile workplace and promotes creative collaboration.

Beautifully simple, the Moving Walls range interconnects to build upon the workspace, enabling a more efficient use of space in innovation, workshop, focus or teaming spaces.


Due to their multifunctionality and flexible design, it is easy to manoeuvre and connect the products to suit the needs of the workspace. Used individually, or linked together to create working zones, the Moving Walls range can transform any work environment into a more efficient, collaborative space, without permanent change to the existing layout.

Product details

Moving Walls products allow a flexible and dynamic room set up. This opens up new possibilities for teams working in agile and iterative processes.

Our short video shows how easy it is to set up rooms for teamwork.

Moving Wall

Mobile, magnetic, writable and connectable, the Moving Wall is a brilliant tool for agile working and space creation. They can be used individually or linked together in a straight line or circular arc, without interrupting the flow of writing.

Mounted on wheels, they are easy to manoeuvre, and come complete with a handy storage shelf underneath.

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Moving Table

Resting on two solid wood three-leg trestles, the lightweight writeable tabletop simultaneously doubles up as a spacious presentation panel for the wall.

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Moving Panel

The Moving Panel is an extension of the Moving Wall. Wafer-thin and frameless, it can be attached to the Moving Wall or mounted to a wall using the rail-system. Alternatively, it can be placed on a table to increase writeable and presentation space.

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Moving Acoustic Panel

The Moving Acoustic Panel improves acoustics and simultaneously serves as a pinboard. Like the Moving Panel, they can be attached to the Moving Walls or clipped on to the wall mounted rail-system.

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Moving Stool

The Moving stool is made from recyclable formfleece. The conic shape allows for practical stacking and turned on its upside, the stool doubles as a practical container. It is also dimensioned to fit stacked into the storage space in between the Moving Wall.

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The Moving Walls range includes a variety of accessories to ensure that you get best use of the products and keep them in best condition. These include Moving Rails, the Moving Cup, suitable markers and cleaning accessories.

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About Moving Walls

Moving Walls is a family-run company based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Founded in 2007 by brothers Marcel and Patrick Frick, their vision of creating spaces for collaboration and problem solving lead to the development of the Moving Walls system.

Originally designed for the World Economic Forum, today the brand’s collection of activity-based office furniture offers a profound answer to the question of future working methods and the establishment of a corporate culture of innovation.

Jörg Boner

Since 2001, Jörg Boner has run his studio ‘Jörg Boner Product Design’ in Zurich, whilst also teaching at the ECAL Lausanne. With a broad product portfolio, he has designed furniture for established brands such as Wogg, Wittmann and Stattmann Neue Moebel, with designs questioning traditional production methods and viewing habits.

Today, Jörg Boner is regarded as one of the most important Swiss designers of the ‘middle generation’ and in 2011, was awarded the Grand Prix Design by the Swiss confederation for his continual contribution to Swiss Design and for his commitment as a designer and teacher. Jörg Boner has designed the Moving Walls range using only high-quality, raw materials to guarantee quality and longevity.

Bisley has the exclusive distribution rights for Moving Walls products across the UK and Ireland, France, USA and Mexico.

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