LockerWall by Bisley is the fully integrated, optimum storage and smart locker system that delivers dependable security, without dominating your space or sacrificing your style.

Utilising the latest smart locking software, including networked and hard wired locks, personal storage and facility management has never been simpler and safer.

Why choose us

We can talk you through all the options – from dimensions and accessories, to colours and finishes, or even assist with putting together a precise design specification. Whatever the project size or requirement, we can custom-design and custom-build LockerWall to exactly what you want.

Our expert knowledge is on hand to work for you, helping you get the best from your Lockerwall; we can provide full site surveys, plans and elevation drawings as required. And, we can produce various installation options – whether you need product installation training and site management, or a full delivery and installation service.

The rise in personal stowage requirements is at the forefront of a modern, productive workplace. What was once banished to cloakrooms or basements is now a firmly established part of the front office landscape. Our personal storage solutions can help free up space, promote productivity and give everyone a sense of belonging.

Wall space

Inspired by the traditional locker system, but re-imagined for the contemporary office, LockerWall delivers optimum storage in a sleek, stylish system to suit your organisation’s aesthetic. Connect locker and storage modules together to run along empty walls or fill existing alcoves, making the best use of your space.

Open space

LockerWall is not only a storage system - the lower height lockers create zoning and space division, giving a workplace defined neighbourhoods. The standing height options double up as an impromptu work surface, or they can be accessorised with planters to bring in mood boosting biophilia.

Third space

Not only is there a huge choice of lockers, but you can mix and match with larger storage cupboards, coat cupboards, bookshelves and soft seating nooks. Whether you want to create a beautiful guest welcome area, dedicated spaces to catch up between meetings or pleasant, functional breakout zones, LockerWall delivers so much more than just storage.

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Our wide range of secure locking options for LockerWall gives all employees – whether permanent, mobile or nomadic – a sense of control, peace of mind and belonging whilst in the office.

There are a variety of solutions to choose from. Wireless and hard-wired smart locks are compatible with the latest remote access technology, putting you in complete control. Or, more traditional key and combination locks are a great solution for visitors and shared storage spaces.

Explore our smart locking solutions here.

Finishing touches

LockerWall helps you reinvent how your office looks, works and flows. Once you’ve specified your bespoke configuration, you can accessorise with all the essential amenities to provide your workforce with everything they need to be comfortable, organised and productive whilst at work.

  • USB power
  • Planter boxes
  • Additional shelves and hooks
  • Postal slot doors and trays

LockerWall - bringing personal space into open space.

Download our LockerWall brochure here and get in touch for more information.


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