Robust, versatile and hard-wearing - Lockers crafted for the workplace.

Primary Lockers by Bisley span a wide range of sizes and configurations, allowing you to stow your personal belongings, workwear or equipment as required. With perfect sized compartments to suit every need; whether you’re storing uniform and bulky items, to separating your clothes from dirty overalls.

Designed for durability, these lockers are aimed at fulfilling tough ‘back of house’ storage requirements, but the neat and minimalist design means they will look great in changing rooms and customer facing cloakrooms too.

Everyday Locker

The Everyday Locker is a workplace essential. Available in a range of heights, one to six doors and a choice of single lockers or ‘nests’ of up to four, this locker provides safe, durable storage for your workforce.

Police Locker

Made from two compartments, this is a single door locker with a large shelf big enough for protective headwear and equipment, and hanging space below for uniform. Our Police Locker has been built to meet industry standards and provide the space you need to stow your belongings, giving you peace of mind whilst at work.

Combi Locker

The Combi Locker features a narrow hanging space and a series of shelves above and to the side, enclosed behind a single door. Suitable for a range of working environments.

Clean and Dirty Locker

The Clean and Dirty locker is a single door locker divided into two hanging compartments, perfect for separating clean clothes from dirty workwear and overalls. With shelving above, there is also space for your personal belongings to be kept clean, safe and secure.

Two Person Locker

Our Two Person Locker has two secure doors that are private to the user, with hanging space inside. There are also two individual lockers for each of the users to access, stacked on top of the unit. An ideal storage solution when space is limited, whilst still providing employees with a safe, secure place to stow their belongings.

Twin Locker

Tall and sturdy, the Twin Locker provides ample hanging space to stow longer items of clothing. With two individual doors, this unit is suitable for use by two users. Behind each door a hanging space is provided, with a shelf above to stow personal belongings.

View Primary Lockers in more detail here, download a brochure and for more information please contact your Bisley Representative.


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