Introducing Bridge by Bisley, the modern credenza that brings together storage, stowage and room division in one seamless system.

Inspired by the traditional meeting room credenza, but re-imagined for the contemporary office and work styles, Bridge connects flexible spaces together.

At Bisley, we understand your workday needs to flow. Bridge’s versatility connects the workplace and you; from providing an impromptu place to perch, a stylish meeting room addition, subtle space division, or a relaxing place to recharge. Its breadth of steel colours, wood textures and vibrant fabrics means that the fun is in creating exactly what you imagined.

Purposeful configurability

Configure Bridge to allow access from different sides. 360-degree accessibility allows dual access and multiple functions spanning throughout the workplace.

Practical functionality

At the heart of our design is stowage. Bridge provides temporary stowage for bags and other personal items and its nimble nature gives you flexible options, including a handy lockable space for your valuables and technology, cable management, and decorative display.

Entirely customisable

Our vibrant range of colours, finishes and creative back panels will inject colour, texture and warmth to your environment. And with a large variety of finishes, you can match Bridge to your brand colours and style. Bridge also perfectly suites with the Be range.

Jones and Partners

For 19 years, Jones and Partners have been working as a product design company based in London. Before founding the company, Director Craig Jones gained valuable experience in various design-based roles and freelanced for Herman Miller. He launched Craig Jones Design in 2000 and eventually rebranded as Jones and Partners in 2014.

The team has designed and manufactured over one hundred successful projects for more than thirty product development clients globally. They have established themselves as true design experts – picking up numerous industry awards along the way.

The concept of Bridge was deliberately kept simple, but with versatility in mind. Collaborating closely with the Bisley in-house design team, Jones & Partners followed a ‘less is more’ brief, ensuring the design was modest yet still injected with elegance, style and charm. Inspired by the traditional meeting room credenza, they re-imagined a design that would fit the contemporary office and emerging work styles.

Jones and Partners have worked closely with Bisley to create a design that bridges the gap between different functions and activities. No matter what your storage requirements, Bridge’s versatility connects the workplace and you, to help support the working day.

Bridge: Versatile solutions that help your workday to flow.

For more information about Bridge, please see the specification book, or contact your Bisley Representative.


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